Friday, June 8, 2018

The Historic Free Bridge Substation

The Free Bridge Substation, June 7, 2018. Photo by Jeremy Tuggle.

The Free Bridge Substation was erected in 1897 in Redding and it served the Free Bridge subdivision as an electrical sub-station. A power source for the area. The power that was channeled through this historic building was sent from the town of Manton. Located in between Parkview Avenue and Smile Place, the substation was named after the (Old) Free Bridge which stood near it from 1884-1906.
In 1906 the bridge washed out. It was rebuilt in 1908 and it was kept in use until 1956. Only the remains of the Free Bridge piers exist today, and the piers still tower above the Sacramento River just off of Smile Place. Freebridge Street retains its name. There is a plaque mounted on concrete that provides its history in front of the building, but it is closed off due to a fence around the building’s perimeter.

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