Monday, July 13, 2020


Located about 2.4 miles-north west of French Gulch in the French Gulch mining district is the Washington mine. The mine was located in 1852 by prospectors John Souter and John Syme. Together the original locators began working it as a placer mine. Eventually, shafts and tunnels were dug out which turned this mining site into the first quartz mine in Shasta County. The mine holdings are on private property owned by the French Gulch Nevada Gold Mining Corporation which purchased this celebrated mining property in 2004; a subsidiary company owned by the Bullion River Gold Corporation of Reno, Nevada. I reached out to one of their employees I knew so I could film the mine and property with my family. A paternal great-great-great grandfather of mine, Reverend William S. Kidder (1834-1911) was employed as a miner at the Washington mine during the 19th century when he was living in French Gulch. This video was filmed on 7-12-2020.


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Mines and Mineral Resources of Shasta County, California – County Report 6 – by Philip A. Lydon and J.C. O’ Brien ©1974 by California Division of Mines and Geology

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