Friday, October 18, 2019

The Wedding Photograph of George G. Tuggle and Maud (Turner) Tuggle, 1900.

L-R: George Griffin Tuggle and his wife Maud (Turner) Tuggle, pose for their wedding photo. Taken by W.O. Amsden.

This photograph has quite the story... it was found by a non relative in a salvage shop (antiques and things) in Berkeley, California this last week. So she purchased the photograph. The image was inscribed on the back as to who the couple were. The discoverer then took it home to try to find their family online and through, the discoverer was then placed in contact with a distant cousin of mine. My relative told her about me and that I am a historian in Shasta County who works for the Shasta Historical Society, the cousin then said it should go to Jeremy. After that, she found my works website online and emailed me about it telling me the unique story behind this photograph and asking me if I would like to have the original. So, of course, I said yes! Today it arrived in the mail.

This is the first photograph my family has acquired of my paternal great-great-great uncle George Griffin Tuggle (1870-1955), and the second photograph of his wife Maude (Turner) Tuggle (1872-1974) that we have. The other picture of Maud is her at a later age.

George and Maud were married in Manton, California on December 24, 1900, this is their wedding photograph taken in Redding by local photographer W.O. Amsden who was an active photographer in the area between 1899 and 1900. See his label on the lower right hand corner. George G. Tuggle’s occupation was a farmer and a millwright.

George Griffin Tuggle is a son of William Harvey Tuggle and Melinda (Ferrel) Tuggle, and Maud is the daughter of Jacob Turner and Nora Turner.  George and Maud had an infant male baby who was born in 1901 and died in 1901. Their infant male baby is buried in the Mountain Home Cemetery near Shingletown. George G. Tuggle and Maud (Turner) Tuggle are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, in Oakland, California. It appears that the hand writing on the back of the photograph is Maud’s writing. 

This year has been a very good year so far for recovering photographs of the Tuggle family, I’m pretty stoked about it!

The back of the photograph with the original inscription, plus a sticky note from the discoverer of the photograph.

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