Thursday, August 1, 2019

Shingletown, Circa 1900 Photograph

How cool is this! This is the newest accessioned photo into our archives at Shasta Historical Society, we acquired it today! I’ve been granted a copy of this photo which is getting edited. I took this snapshot of the picture because I couldn’t wait to share it amongst family and friends. 22 of the 28 people that are pictured have been identified below:

Front Row Sitting On Ground L-R: Archie “Arch” Taylor and William “Billie” Taylor.

Sitting: L-R: Carrie (Barnes) Tuggle (1875-1949), Elizabeth (Finger) Schuler, and Mrs. Mary C. Scharsch.

Back Top Row Standing: R-L:  Louisa M. Loomis (baby), Mrs. Estelle Loomis, William “Billy” S.B. Townsley (man with gray beard behind Mrs. Loomis), unidentified male child, Harvey “Harve” E. Taylor, Nancy Taylor, unidentified female child, George F. Schuler, John Schuler, unidentified male, Lou Taylor, and James “Jimmie” M. Barnes.

Left Side Lower Row Standing R-L: Melinda (Ferrel) Tuggle (directly behind Carrie (Barnes) Tuggle and Elizabeth (Finger) Schuler. Addison J. Tuggle (1866-1916),  Adleta Maybelle Tuggle with her mother Carrie (Barnes) Tuggle {blurry} (1894-1932). Unidentified female child. Unidentified male in back of Addison J. Tuggle. Unidentified male child in front of Addison J. Tuggle.  John Hall with walking stick pointing up. Lydia (Barnes) Shamp, Unidentified person, Madie Myers, Albert Schuler, and Emma Schuler.

Place: Shingletown, circa 1900. My paternal great-great-great grandmother, Melinda (Ferrel) Tuggle  was born January 17, 1826 and she died on March 17, 1901, at the age of seventy-five years old. She is buried in the Parkville Pioneer Cemetery. Melinda lived on Ash Creek at Shingletown. Addison J. Tuggle had his place at Balls Ferry. She arrived in Shasta County in 1862. This is the only known photograph of her.

Above: original group photo. Lightly faded in parts.

Above: Circled: Addison J. Tuggle (1866-1916) and his mother Melinda (Ferrel) Tuggle (1826-1901), Carrie (Barnes) Tuggle (1875-1949) with her daughter Adleta Maybelle Tuggle (1894-1932)

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